Influences to my compositions and librettos

What influenced my music?
1. Life experiences (Shanghai, New York, France, Boston, Italy)
2. Music Training, Education.
3. *Ideologies’ conflicts (Eastern & Western; Consonant & Dissonant; Authorities & Myself; Emotional expressions & Logic approaches; Conventional writings & Avant-garde. )
4. Literature, dramas, movies, poetry, visual arts

Aesthetic influences to my Libretto
*Absurd – Samuel Becket
*Existentialism—Sartre, Camus
*Feminism—Beauvoir “The second Sex”, Virginia Woolf “Orlando”, Linda Nochlin “Women, Arts and Power”, Jelinek “Lust”, Sylvia Plath “The Bell Jar”, Marguerite Duras “L’Amour”.
*Freud— “Interpretation of Dream”
*Stream of Consciousness—Henry Miller, James Joyce, Ryu Murakami, Virginia Woolf.
*Poetry, symbolism—Yeats, Haizi
*Drama—Ancient Greek tragedy; Ancient Chinese Tragedy
*Solo Drama—Sarah Kane “4.48 psychosis”
*The record of my dreams, earlier librettos, novels, poems, literature critics, philosophy essays, personal dictionary(which I tried to definite words by personal symbolic in order to develop a kind of personal artistic language).


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