Translating four paintings of mine to music–four movements symphony

The first movement “Fate”: orchestra stays in the high range for a rather long time, then suddenly descending down. The pacing and gesture of music symbolize the unpredictable, dramatic and transilient characteristics of destiny.

The second movement: “Soul”: In this movement, the texture is very fragmentized, and counterpoint combinations varied though the whole movement. Pointillism combined with extended technique, rich timbres symbolized “on the earth, whose soul has no flaw?” –citation of my chamber opera “Colors of Obsessions” libretto.

The third movement: “Universe”: In this movement, the most important material is irregular modes’ ascending and descending scales. The beginning notes are the ending notes. Most part of the movement will be notated in Aleatory scores because different round scales should be played in more than ten different tempos. The repeating sense of musical movement symbolizes “eternal transmigrations”, created a spaceless and timeless music.

The Fourth movement: “Religion”: in this movement, I plan to paste Buddhism music, Christian music, Moslem music and Tibetan Buddhism music, and use the crossing between different religions to translating the crosses from my painting. At the climax, the four religions music should reach monophony, become vertical chords. The climax is a “sacrifice religious music”, very sacred and majestic.


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