2013 Boston, USA. Premiere of “Colors of Obsessions”cropped-1488623_10151783633236439_1687354286_n.jpg

2011 Fontainbleau, France. Premiere of “Seven Poems”img_2173

2014, New York, USA. Premiere of “Love”img_2182

2016, Yiguo Yan’s exclusive interview with the New Women Weekly Magazine in China.img_2230

2013, Cortona, Italy, with Gabriela L. Frank after the premiere of “Purple” img_2177

Interview by the New Women Weekly Magazine.img_2440

Study in UMKC Music Libraryimg_2942

2016, University of Colorado, Boulder, Performance of “The Fate of a Poet”img_8022

2016, Yiguo Yan in the Program of the 2016 Shanghai New Music Weekimg_3234

2016, with Professor Tristan Muraill and Professor Wen Deqing at Shanghai Conservatory of Music img_3247

2016, Rehearsal at Shanghai Conservatory of Music with conductor Szolt Nagy and  the Israel Contemporary Playersimg_3394

2016, With Zhou Long at Shanghai Symphony Hall after the closing concert of 2016 Shanghai New Music Weekimg_3808